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SuperGrow Container™

Our primary offering is the deployable, modular SuperGrow Container™. Designed from the universal shipping container, it has the capacity to be transported globally to customers in varying locations, as well as areas of social distress and disaster relief. We are currently offering the Victory Class SuperGrow Container™, which comes in three sizes — 20-foot, 40-foot, and 53-foot, also known as the V20, V40, and V50 respectively.

Each comes with the same features and components fully outfitted for the perfect growing environment. The local power grid our containers operate on can be plugged into a simple 120v outlet and has a 40% rate of reduced energy consumption. Conversely, containers can also operate independently using an ultra-quiet diesel/biofuel generator, or for extended time with onboard Lithium Ion batteries. Future versions of the SuperGrow Container™ will incorporate alternative energy solutions such as solar panels and wind turbine technologies, taking them fully off-grid.

Each SuperGrow Container™ comes with a fully controllable environmental system, allowing management of lighting, temperature, water, and air filtration for the perfect day every day. We have incorporated a number of grow apparatus to not only maximize produce yield, but ensure it’s the quality you deserve. For example, hydroponics lack the texture we desire. Our internal wind system mimics the natural breezes of traditional farms to give produce that crunch we love. Our pink LED lighting emits only the rays that plants use, thereby reducing light energy consumption by 68%. Our recycling water system reduces water consumption by 80%. And our internal composting unit recycles soil.

Deployment, itself, is made easy with a self-leveling system, and multiple SuperGrow Containers™ can be modularized to create the perfect grow space.

Harvest yields vary depending on the produce grown and apparatus used, but as a standard you can expect a much greater volume per square foot than traditional farms and hydroponic containers. A typical 40-foot SuperGrow Container™ can grow more than 7,500 plants per month resulting in more than 700 pounds of produce a week!

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Container Options

Sizes 20', 40', 53' containers
Composter Composter may be omitted (comes standard)
Trellis Trellis grow modules instead of racks allow for 144 vine plants
Adjusted Racks Less shelves may be used to accommodate taller plants
Branding Custom logo may be applied to exterior
Power Backup Additional batteries
Off-Grid Options Solar panels or wind turbines 1
1 Vertical wind turbines sized for the SuperGrow Container utilize specially magnetic resistance reduction technology

SuperGrow Center™

Taking the technology of the SuperGrow Container™, we’re able to maximize produce yield by implementing the same system in structured buildings we call SuperGrow Centers™. By this, large-scale farming can be brought to urban settings, reducing transportation costs and spoilage associated with traditional farming. Guaranteed yields of top-rated produce, free of pesticides, grown in 100% organic soil are just added benefits.

Like the SuperGrow Container™, SuperGrow Centers™ are outfitted with controlled lighting, temperature, water, and air filtration for the perfect grow environment every day. The same grow apparatus systems are used to ensure minimal use of energy and resources. With the increased space, specific grow rooms can be developed for varying produce. A standard 40-foot SuperGrow Container™ is 300 square feet and can hold 12 grow racks. In comparison, a 10,000 square foot SuperGrow Center™ outfitted with 2 to 20 grow rooms would hold 500 grow racks. Due to the year-round growing capacity and high produce yields of our technology, such a facility could grow the equivalent of 20 acres of field-farm produce in one year!

The fixed nature of the SuperGrow Center™ also allows it to be equipped with energy-efficient technologies such as geothermal technology for heating and cooling, and gas letdown generator technologies for electrical generation and lighting.

Whether grown in a SuperGrow Container™ or a SuperGrow Center™, all produce grown is safe from pathogens and pests, and inclement weather conditions. Produce is secure from theft or bioterrorism, and 100% certified organic, locally grown in soil. Best of all, the produce you grow with us is nutritious, tastes great, and available year-round with high predictable yields.

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