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Organic versus Hydroponic: Who wins with non-decision by the National Organics Standard Board?

The NOSB voted 10-4 to send back to committee the decision to allow hydroponic production to be organic certified. SuperGrow offers perspective and an alternative.

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Former Cisco Executive now Agri-Technologist Advocates to Keep the Soil in Organic Standard

In the controversy over whether Hydroponics should be considered organic, we have shown through Terraponics that it is not. There is no need to compromise soil to grow produce indoors, year round.

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SuperGrow Fresh Produce Growing Despite Hard Freeze

Agritechnology start-up, SuperGrow, is growing fresh local produce all winter, even despite 10 degree hard freeze temperatures.

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HiViz LED Lighting, Release SuperGrow Container at the 2012 NSDE Conference on the National Mall

Under the brand name SuperGrow, the team at Sustainable Essentials Enterprises has developed a Solution using Controlled Environmental Agriculture to produce over 1,000 lbs of produce per month at a cost less than or equal to field grown produce inside modified, recycled, shipping containers!

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