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Partner & Licensee FAQ’s

The following are answers to common questions about partnering with us or becoming an licensee. For answers on the SuperGrow Container™ itself, visit our Container FAQs.

  • Number of restaurants varies:
    • Small restaurant (25 tables or less, primarily dinner): 15 to 30
    • Medium restaurant (up to 50 tables, lunch and dinner): 10
    • Large restaurant (50+ tables, lunch and dinner, or salad focus): 3
  • Number of Grocers varies:
    • Neighborhood Grocer, local: 3 to 5
    • Non-premium focus, regional: 1
    • Premium grocer: 0.25
  • Type of Restaurant
    • Farm-to-Table with focus or premium produce offerings
    • Casual Dining
    • Trendy deli or coffee shop
    • 1 to 3 locations in same or nearby cities.
  • Grocers
    • Premium produce offerings focused on “Local” and “Organic”
    • Sell variety of packaging
    • Full time farmer markets
    • Neighborhood grocers
  • Entrepreneur interested in healthy lifestyle with disposable income.
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Retiring Couple or Veteran
  • Person desiring flexible secondary “own business” income
  • CSA / Farmer’s Market / Local Farmer
  • Multi-location Restaurant
    • May prefer “produce as a service”, rather than operate themselves
    • X amount of produce for $Y per month
  • Grocer
    • May prefer “produce as a service”, rather than operate themselves
    • X amount of produce for $Y per month

Training is provided upon delivery of the SuperGrow Container™. In addition support is provided by our “Phone a Farmer” service which has experienced grow operators available to assist you 9-5, EST. The use of emails, pictures, and videos is used often in support.

There are over 80 Accredited Certification Agencies (ACA) in the United States which conduct the certification process. SuperGrow will train and assist you in contacting the ACA and preparing your record keeping for the certification process. The primary requirement is that you start with an organically certifiable farm, or SuperGrow Container™, and that you continue to use and document the use of organic methods. All soil, soil adamants, supplies, and methods prescribed and provided by SuperGrow meet requirements for organic certification.

In addition to SuperGrow’s differences in being soil based, organic certifiable, the highest production and the lowest cost of operations, we have a different business approach.  Due to the use of several patented technologies we have incorporated into the SuperGrow Container™ and the highly predictable nature of produce grown, we license the right to operate the SuperGrow Container™, much like a franchise, without requiring the “golden arches”. The business name, location, features, etc. are chosen by the Licensee, including simply incorporating the SuperGrow Container™ into an existing business.  However, in use of licensing SuperGrow provides protection from competition to the licensee for a defined territory, provides annual customer support, and provides proven and predictable results in profit and produce.   In exchange for this, we charge a technology license fee and a royalty for produce grown. This model gives us vested interest in the success of our licensees.

SuperGrow offers ongoing support in the form of phone, e-mail, and web grow support. SuperGrow defines a specific territory associated with each of its licensees in which SuperGrow will not license additional SuperGrow Operations Company Licensees. SuperGrow offers an extremely precise business projection tool whereby SuperGrow can take into consideration all aspects of a Licensee’s go-to-market strategy and provide projections for revenue and profits. This includes factors ranging from produce selection to customer type to packaging choices, to local expense including power rate, labor rate, and costs for operation site.  SuperGrow has developed a HACCP and group GAP compliant program which allows franchisees to market their produce to all types of grocery stores and restaurants at no additional cost for compliance.

The SuperGrow Container™ typically comes with all soil and supplies for initial planting. This includes soil for the entire SuperGrow Container™ plus the on-board composting system. The soil recycles through the system continually upon harvest. The grow trays or grow pots are provided. The soil adamant for initial planting is provided.  Separate expenses include seeds, power hook up (30 amp, 110v), water (weather protected, garden hose volume connector), and any other site preparation.

SuperGrow is headquartered in Lexington, KY for a many reasons. One is that Lexington (slightly south of Cincinatti and north of Atlanta) is the geographic center of 2/3rds of the United States, with over 60% of the US population being able to be accessed within 1 day’s drive (New York, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Orlando). Shipment costs by truck range from $2,000 to $4,000 within a 12 hour circle. Further distances can be addressed with rail shipment.

While consulting with a combination of upstate New York organic farmers along the St. Lawrence Seaway, a specialty controlled environment architects for clean rooms, and an emerging LED manufacturer, the concepts that lead to the first SuperGrow Container™ were explored. The prototype SuperGrow Container™ was shown on the National Mall at the EPA Sustainability Conference and met with high acclaim. The business then moved to Auburn, AL to research with the oldest land grant agriculture university in the Southeast regarding controlled environment grow methods refinement. Finally, the SuperGrow Operating Company business model was successfully piloted in the Auburn, AL area.  The company has now established manufacturing partnerships with a New York based specialty trailer manufacturer for the core module. Advanced engineering exists in the Tampa, FL area. The headquarters and final configuration is now located at a geographically centric, 4-season, area near Lexington, KY, placing it within 1 day’s drive of 60% of the population of the United States.

The “container farm” industry is a sub-set of the greater agriculture market. This segment is nascent and emerging. Currently, there are 4 other container farm providers. However, SuperGrow is the only provider of a soil-based solution that involves patented grow apparatus and methods which ensure organic certification.  The SuperGrow Container™ has the highest volume of produce grown, the lowest cost of operations, and with the produce grown being organically certified, generates at least 30% more revenue per ounce of produce grown than any of the other providers simply because the markets pay a premium for organic produce.

Price varies based on length and features. Please contact SuperGrow for a specific quote on your configuration.

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