The Grow Process

The process of growing with a SuperGrow Container™ is a simple one, and requires the employment of just one entry-level grow operator, working part-time for 15-25 hours a week per container, depending on container size.

The process begins by selecting seeds and planting a separate harvest each week. This ensures a continual flow of produce, with harvests each week throughout the year.

Depending on the variety of produce grown, production translates to anywhere from 300 to 750 pounds of produce per week for a single container, depending on container size. That’s 1,200 to 3,000 pounds every 28 days!

Quantity-wise, this equates to about 3,500 plants in a 20-foot container, 7,500 in a 40-foot, and 10,000 plants in a 53-foot container per month. Again, variety of plant is a factor. For example, where 7,500 romaine lettuce heads may be expected in our 40-foot container, you can also expect about 9,500 basil plants in the same space.

The overall field equivalent is about 2-4 acres in a year’s harvest, per container. Remember, multiple containers may be utilized as space allows and stacked up to two units high.

What Can Grow

We are currently growing the following leafy greens, but the list of what we’re capable of growing is much longer. As a standard, the best type of produce for our containers has a short grow cycle, is relatively short (about 12″ or less), and is prone to spoilage quickly. Since we bypass spoilage, this make SuperGrow an ideal option. Such produce would include leafy greens, herbs, microgreens, and lettuces. We also offer grow trellises in our environment for growing vine produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Not recommended for our containers are stalks, trees, large produce such as melons, and root vegetables. Though root vegetables can be grown, their already inherently long shelf life does not make them a viable option in a competitive market.

We have grown over 40 types of produce and are continually adding more. Our interest is in developing an environment where the taste palettes of different cultures and communities can be enjoyed throughout the world.

Romain Lettuce
You’ll be amazed at the freshness of our lettuce. The particular variety we use is Ridgeline Romaine, best for romaine hearts. It grows tall and upright with long, dense hearts, crisp and clean in flavor.

Spring Mix
Our spring mix is a stunning collection of colors, shapes and textures – Green Oakleaf, Red Oakleaf, Green Romain, Red Romain, Lollo Rossa, Redleaf, and Bibb lettuces. It’s a feast for the eyes and the palette as well.
SuperGrow basil has a vibrant flavor that’s consistently met with rave reviews. You won’t find anything like it in grocery stores … not yet!
Our spinach is fresh and abundant in flavor, full of the nutrients you need to keep you strong.
Arugula is a nutrient-packed green full of vitamins A, C, K, and calcium. It also contains antioxidants useful in preventing cancer, as well as high amounts of chlorophyll to help circulate oxygen and cleanse the blood. What you’ll love about ours is its flavor. Typically characterized by a light hint of peppery taste, our arugula has a spicy punch you won’t be expecting.

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