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Both the SuperGrow Container™ and the SuperGrow Center™ utilize sustainable farming techniques of various forms to maximize the grow rate of produce and the capacity of the facility. Here is a summary of the technology you can expect to find in our solutions.

While competitors rely on conventional power consumption requiring 220v, our systems utilize a patented magnetic-assisted motor that allows SuperGrow Containers™ to be plugged in a standard 120v outlet. The ease of use is undeniable. The added benefit, however, is a 40% reduction in energy consumption.

Our patent pending air delivery system increases the grow rate of produce and improves texture quality in plants. Produce grown in traditional farms experience natural breezes which strengthen their leaves for the crunch we love. Hydroponic solutions lack this wind and greens are known to be limp and uninviting. Produce also grows 35% faster when carbon dioxide is in the air. Our air delivery system injects the maximum amount of carbon dioxide usable by plants to create 72% increased efficiency.

Because our technology is fully sustainable, we utilize every resource. 80% of the water transpired into the air by plants is collected and pumped back into our irrigation. Additionally, the system senses when watering is needed and automatically provides produce with the exact amount. Watering requires no special hookups, just a standard outdoor spigot and garden hose is all that’s needed.

Our LED lighting only emits red and blue rays, the very rays specific to plant photosynthesis. As a result, the color within our grow environments is pink. Targeting these light rays reduces energy consumption by 68%. In additional LED lighting lasts more than 10 years, creating less waste in landfills. When they’re disposed of, they emit no harmful gases.

Our grow technology comes equipped with environmental controls allowing full management of lighting, temperature, water, and air filtration. This ensures the perfect grow environment for plants every day. Requirements vary among plant types and so we’ve pre-programmed calculations for ease of use. Humidity controls allow for increased volume. Plants grown close together typically experience dehydration, however this is easily avoided with the controls available.

The soil we use is rich in micronutrients no longer found in the soil of traditional farms. This is what helps give our produce incomparable flavor and nutritional ratings that surpass the standard. Our onboard composting system recycles this soil to ensure maximum use and sustainability. Excess heat emitted by our HVAC system is redirected into the composter to speed up the composting process.

To complement our already efficient motor technology, future plans include the ability to take SuperGrow Containers™ fully off-grid through alternative energy sources such as wind or solar.

Container Specs

20 40 53
Containers V20 V40 V50
Dimensions 20' x 8' x 9.5' 40' x 8' x 9.5' 53' x 8' x 9.5'
Grow Space 6 grow racks 6 shelves per rack 12 grow racks 6 shelves per rack 16 grow racks 6 shelves per rack
Power Usage 30 amp 120v single phase 65 kwH per day 30 amp 120v single phase 130 kwH per day 30 amp 120v single phase 150 kwH per day
Water Usage standard hose 5 gallons per day standard hose 10 gallons per day standard hose 15 gallons per day
Soil Usage recomposted 2% replenishing recomposted 2% replenishing recomposted 2% replenishing
Supply Cost $3/day $5/day $7/day
Labor Requirement 1 grow operator 10hrs/week 1 grow operator 20/hrs/week 1 grow operator 25hrs/week
Plants 3,500 per month 7,500 per month 10,000 per month
Pounds 300 per week 600 per week 750 per week
Field Equivalent 2 acres 3 acres 4 acres
1Production specs vary depending on variety grown.


The following is a standard floorplan of our Victory Class 40-foot container. Keep in mind that containers are customizable to your own specifications.

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