Comparing Farms

SuperGrow Field Farms Hydroponics
Certified Organic YES (soil based) 1% of 335 million acres of cropland in the U.S. NO
Rate of Organic Certification Immediately 3-5 Years N/A
Grow Process Single-phase Single-phase Transplanting of seedlings required
Grow Rate 20-30 days depending on variety 45-100 days depending on variety 45-50 days depending on variety
Availability Year-round in any location Seasonal in select locations Year-round in any location
Predictable Volumes and Quality YES NO YES
Due to Weather NO YES NO
Due to Pestilence NO YES NO
Due to Disease NO YES NO
Due to Harvest 1% 20% 1%
Due to Transportation 0% 22% 0%
Due to Storage 0% 26% 0%
Shelf Life 2 weeks 3 days 2 weeks
Taste Rich & flavorful Poor flavor Poor flavor
Nutrition Packed with nutrients Poor nutrients Poor nutrients
Texture Natural texture Natural texture Limp/soft texture
Perfect Appearance 98% of produce is #1 rated perfection Significant loss due to imperfections Unknown
Energy 120v motor using 40% less energy1 Excessive transport & harvest usage Conventional power on 220v systems
Water Recycled water system using 80% less water Standard irrigation Standard irrigation
Fuel Zero fuel usage Excessive transport & harvest usage Zero fuel usage
1 Energy savings compared to hydroponic systems.

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