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In a world that’s ever-changing, we need to be smart about the choices we’re making, and agriculture is an area of no exception. The agriculture industry is no longer what it used to be. Farms are stripped of natural nutrients, GMOs are a standard in the produce we eat, chemicals and pesticides are inherent, and hydroponics are popping up with plants grown in water. We’ve deviated far from nature’s solution and the health of our nation is proving it.

We at SuperGrow™ are passionate about natural farming. We value rich soil and produce vibrant in nutrients and flavor. To combat today’s compromises, we’ve designed the SuperGrow Container™, a solution in which produce is grown in reconstructed shipping containers, in the perfect environment all day, every day … anywhere. The key is that we’re not hydroponic – we’re terraponic. This means that our produce is grown in soil, immediately qualifying for organic certification. Hydroponic farms cannot do this. Furthermore, our soil is packed with micronutrients no longer found in field farms, and our grow features maximize water, light, and energy use with minimal resources. Together with a controlled environment, we’re able to produce farming yields that far surpass that of our competitors.

Come join us and discover the new solution for farming — nature’s plan restored efficiently, effectively, and organically.

SuperGrow – organic any season, anywhere.

Mission & Values

To impact communities by enabling locally grown, organic certified produce,
IN SOIL, year round with predictable and profitable yields.

Our society no longer eats healthfully. With the introduction of GMOs, hydroponics, and stripped farms, the nutritional value of our nation’s “healthy food”  is in serious decline. Add to that the harvesting of produce before maturity and using gases to make such appear ripe, as well as the embedded costs in transportation, refrigeration, and losses of produce at each distribution step along the way, and we face a serious web of interrelated problems. Our ambition is to reset the food source and supply chain so as to restore it to ways that equal the nutrition of yesteryear while surpassing the production. With the advent of technology, we have the ability to now deliver produce in greater quantity, in less time, with less resources used, all packed with the nutritional benefits that nature intended.

We desire for you and your family to eat healthfully again. We desire quality produce in your stores and on your plates — produce that is high in nutrients and vibrant in flavor. We desire farming that supports the growing demand for organic, and makes it available to anyone. We do not alter nature’s methods — we celebrate and augment what nature has given us.


Our Values

We purpose to be a company of integrity pursuing excellence in all that we do. We speak honestly, with a value towards communication. We provide quality jobs and healthy workplaces, aiming to generate fair profits for all involved. We value community and give back in any way we can.

Executive Leadership

James Massa – CEO

During James’ 25 year high tech career he has helped 3 companies reach their initial public offering (IPO) or have private exits. He then spent 14 years with Cisco Systems in a variety of senior executive roles, establishing several entities to capture new markets holding P&L and responsible for specialized manufacturing, marketing, sales, custom engineering and alliances. James served as a delegate to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council to the President of the United States and Chairman of the NSTAC Internet Infrastructure Task Force. He held positions in which he was responsible for all commercial business in the southeast of the United States and later for all Federal business. He designed, implemented, and was the lead Executive for Cisco’s Global Space and Defense organization. James left in 2006 as Executive and Chief Strategist for Global Government Solutions, where he was responsible for a $1B segment of business with several hundred direct reports around the world.

From 2006 through 2015, James has spent time consulting primarily in the green energy and green technologies sector. This included consulting with and investing in companies providing biodiesel, geothermal, and waste-to-energy technologies.

In 2010 James began his focus in the agri-technology sector by consulting with what is now Sustainable Essentials Enterprises, LLC. Since then, James has steadily advanced SuperGrow into a set of related agri-technology companies which has worked through the complexity of the grow technology and patented apparatus, as well as the complexity of the business model. SuperGrow is now positioned for explosive expansion into a well-defined, growth market in which SuperGrow enjoys considerable barriers to competition and a clearly differentiated market offering.

Ray Nielsen – Organic Science

Ray Nielson was also one of the first seven contributors to the National Organic Plan, and has a 35-year track record in the field of non-toxic sustainable solutions for replacement of petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Ray is the former CEO of Green World Path, a company that specialized in the re-establishment of healthy soils through non-toxic and organic solutions. Over a 40 year career in agriculture, Ray’s farming experience spanned from conventional farming in Michigan to managing orange groves in Florida. Ray provides agri-technology expertise to the Company regarding soil management and plant nutrition.

Key Partners

Maglev Energy, Inc.


Nearly 65% of the world’s energy is used to power electric motors of some kind. MEI has developed patented technology that manipulates magnetic fields internal to electro-motive motors resulting in greater than 90% efficiency. As an innovator of permanent magnet energy devices, the company has patented and verified ultra-efficient devices that can supplement or replace existing motors with 30-40% greater efficiency than general-purpose technology currently available. MEI’s breakthrough technology lowers costs and eliminates emissions and makes a large step towards removing any dependency on fossil fuels, all while having nearly zero maintenance requirements due to is low heat design.

MEI was formed as a Florida corporation in 2005, the same year SuperGrow founders began to explore controlled environmental technologies to grow produce indoors.  All of MEI’s products are designed using industrial strength mechanicals with permanent magnets that degrade only 1% every hundred years.  MEI Technology has been adapted to enable the “Victory Class” SuperGrow Container™ to operate with significantly lowered energy consumption, making all cost of operations less expensive and year round, locally fresh, organic produce more accessible to consumers.

Rolling Star Manufacturing, Inc.


Rolling Star is far from your typical family owned and operated business. Rolling Star has 20-years of experience manufacturing custom high-end-trailers from the frame through to completion; all made in upstate New York, USA. Rolling Star’s first trailer, a fiber optic splicing trailer, rolled out of our doors in 1996 to make an appearance at the summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then Rolling Star has proudly provided a very diverse set of trailers that no one else would build. These range from mil spec command centers to the Air Force, FBI, Navy and many local law enforcement and fire departments to other specialty trailers including first responder and fire hazard training trailers, mobile food service trailers, class rooms; trailers for construction design, hazardous response, surveillance, dump recyclables, and simulators/training . Rolling Star also manufactures car haulers with living quarters as well as snowmobile, motorcycle, and simple cargo trailers. Customers are worldwide and they each receive prompt and quality service. Rolling Star’s team of skilled workers provide unique design and craftsmanship to make quality trailers with customer satisfaction as their trademarks.

ControllerCafe LLC

ControllerCafe LLC is a small business contributor to the SuperGrow offering. Controller Café specializes in the design and development of electronic embedded systems and has invented patent pending technology, owned by SuperGrow, specifically to address the unique irrigation needs of the soil based grow environment with its high density of produce and plant variety.

Franchise Marketing Systems


Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS) is a national franchise development organization with staff in markets across the United States and Canada.  Franchise Marketing Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with an office located in the area staffing key development personnel.  FMS has been involved in over 2,000 franchise sales for new and existing franchise brands since 2009.  The targeted approach of Franchise Marketing Systems to provide outside franchise sales support and sales services effectively launched over 200 new franchise brands in the U.S. and abroad.  Since the company’s launch, FMS has been involved in over one hundred first franchise sales on new brands with no pre-existing franchise units.  The franchise consulting model was proven to be uniquely positioned to offer a significantly higher rate of success than traditional franchise development mediums.

Brewco Marketing Group


Brewco Marketing Group (BMG) Headquartered in Central City, KY, BMG is a leading experiential marketing company specializing in strategy, design, in-house fabrication, activation, and program management. Having worked with General Motors, McDonald’s, General Mills, Kohler, Kimberly Clark, The Baseball Hall of Fame, Compassion International, Gulf, LP Building Products, Cottonelle, Tenneco, Pilot, and many more national, international, and diverse companies, it is safe to say their tag line “the most trusted brands trust us” is valid.

BMG creates and executes custom, mobile marketing programs that will educate, energize and entertain. These mobile tours include all aspects of the campaign including vehicle/trailer design and operation, site selection and negotiations, program logistics, event staffing and execution, and post event reporting and analysis.   Each event focuses on “activations” which include the development of a creative solution to deliver an impactful experience for prospective customers. The sum of BMG’s work is to develop programs for long-term experiential brand strategy to overall program execution and management.

AgTech Innovation Center


AgTech Innovation Center (AIC) is the applied R&D and training division of AGROWN, Inc. connecting the agriculture industry through knowledge, training and research, focusing on the “NEW” Agriculture Industry, referred to as AgTech. AIC’s approach is to provide digital hands-on training, manage and operate an applied R&D innovation center, and to facilitate collaboration and sharing of data among open-source mindset of individuals and companies. The goal is to build a stronger workforce and ensure faster implementation of innovation to the agtech industry.

Dirigo Food Safety


Dirigo Food Safety, Inc. is a full service, custom food safety consulting business which specializes in HACCP and SQF Compliance, ASQ Certified Third Party Audits, Food Safety Training, Crisis Management and SCALABLE SYSTEMS CONSULTATION. Dirigo will develop and guide implementation of a group GAP program (Good Agricultural Practices) for SuperGrow and its franchisees. This will expand the market opportunities which can be addressed by franchisees and will ensure food safety.

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