The only 100% organic soil based container farm

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Top Five Benefits of SuperGrow™

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GUARANTEED Organic Certifiability
Only soil-based solution

HIGHEST Nutrition and Taste
Most field-like texture

GREATEST Grow Volume
50% to 200% more

LOWEST Cost of Operation
Can upgrade to “off-grid”

Can be located anywhere

SuperGrow™ Features

SuperGrow’s technologies, which are not found in any other container farm, ensure sustainability, the highest production volume, the lowest energy cost, and the nutrition of soil. Learn More About Our Features

SuperGrow Container Structural Systems

Our containers come in three sizes — 20-foot, 40-foot, and 53-foot. Each is fully insulated, and is equipped with non-skid flooring, hydraulic leveling, fully automated grow apparatus, lighting, irrigation, and air management subsystems.

LED Grow Lights

Energy consumption is reduced by 68% with precise LED lighting. Only light spectrums needed by plants are emitted. Light and dark interval timing is regulated automatically to maximize growth.

Grow Apparatus

Our patented grow modules provide optimal growth and irrigation. Grow racks allow for varying produce. Trellises are available for vine vegetables.
  • Automated Irrigation
    Watering is based on soil moisture allowing plants of any maturity to be watered perfectly. Over 80% of water used is collected from moisture in the air and recycled.
  • Temperature & Humidity Controls
    Temperature and humidity is automatically adjusted based on different plant preferences to create the optimal grow environment for maximum volumes and elimination of plant disease.
  • On-Board Rapid Cycle Composter
    Composting of leftover root and plant matter takes less than 30 days so new soil is ready for next planting and grow cycle.
  • Ultra High Efficiency Power System
    Patented magnetically-assisted electric motor technology conserves operating energy by 40%.
  • Precise Air Delivery
    Patented air vents deliver air flow needed for field texture like produce and increases plant grow rates by 35% with 72% less use of CO2.
  • Grow Operator Space & Technology
    Grow Operators modify all grow settings with easy to use touch screen control panel. They can also connect their own wireless devices to the sound system to create the optimal music and mood for grow operations.

Flexible Offerings

  • Private Label or White Label Options
    Fully customized options are available for one or multiple containers.
  • Alternative Energy Power Inputs
    Any SuperGrow Container can upgrade to operate off-grid with the use of solar and wind technologies.

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